This week, we got some disco & funk edit jawns…WHAT? You though we just some mark-ass trap only bustaz? Un-uh honey boo boo child.

TruTempo gets ocean floor deep playboy.

First up, we have a silky-smooth-playa edit from that dude in the groove himself, Party Dad.

Next we got the ROC City based DJ Alykhan w an edit oozing funk. Hit the buy link for free fb DL.

Cousin Cole comin’ w some classic ‘liks over a pilooski (if memory serves correct)

Heady edit (or Head-it if you will…I won’t) by OG of everything Thee Mike B

Normaling, the new project of old skool subdivision homie .rar kelly & Lemz sounding righteous

Charleston, SC based Designer, DJ, Producer. and OG in the game.

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