Take a minute to get away from the family, light up some chronic and get down with some bad-man rhythms. If the turkey’s carved up, crank this ish up and get grandpa breaking. We have a strong selection for your turkey-day roasters, fryers or however you like it made, it’s dank & fresh so dig in before your annoying cousins find it first.

MGK Feat. Young Jeezy – Hold On (Loud G vs. R3&Danko rmx) Trill Scott Heron Future Screw edit
Slow it down a bit & sip that thick ass sprite; a new rework from the homie Trill Scott Heron

Soulja Boy – Crank Dat (Noms Remix)
Now i said YOUUUUUUUUUUU crank that Soulja Boy, and pass the gravy pon the left hand side. New remix from the half man, half panda, NOMS and tasty like sweet-potatoes.

Watapachi & Transcend The Masses – Let’s Get Ratchet *** COMING SOON ***
Do they celebrate thanksgiving in Tokyo? I dont think so, but they definitely know how to party. The homies WATAPACHI have been holding shit down in the TRAP scene, and I’m super excited to share this preview with you all on the day of giving.

Calvin Harris – Sweet Nothing (diplo & Grandtheft mix)
You know this is fire. ‘Nough said.

The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter (LewisLace House Edit)
This is some house-bubbling. If you really want to see your pops act a fool, put this on after desert and you might see him “bust-a-move”, or just bust-a-patella. LEWISLACE YOU DID IT AGAIN. I’m feelin this like blind men in a new environment.

Kaptain Cadillac – Bounce And Bang (Juke Ellington Trill Remix)
TRIIILLLLLLLLLLLL from the homie Juke Ellington

Owen the saint – I need a change (juke ellington remix)

Djemba Djemba- Oh Okay Yeah That’s Cool (Yung Satan Remix)
Yung Satan goes in on this Remix. BIIIGGGBIIGGBIGGG banger for the club or whatever. Save this for desert.

Yung Satan – Sugar
Yung Satan track off the new M|O|D release PENG-001, the first of a three part series.

Clockwork- BBBS (GTA Remix)
Purchase on Itunes: http://bit.ly/titanremixes
Purchase on Beatport:http://bit.ly/titanremixesBP

Clockwork-Titan (The Partysquad Remix)

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