brrrrrr…. its thursday yet again…….. It is #ICECOLDTHURSDAY to be exact.  I would first like to share this ultra rare @jodyhighroller video with you guys. Riff Raff. RIff Raff, Riff Raff. @JODYHiGHROLLER. “The Rap Game James Franco”. He comes out with videos daily and if you dont currently follow @jodyhighroller on twitter, you are slackin… get to it. shout outs to Riff Raff. Shout outs to Ghetty for comin through with verse number two. and a super icey shout out to Maxwell Albert for another classic film.

Shout outs to C.Z. making that Space Music….. if  you didnt know…. C.Z. is part of the boston beat collective M|O|D

hit him up on twitter….  @C_Zmusic

shout outs to star slinger for some how hooking this up. Juicy j & project pat….wow.  just hit buy and it gives you the link

hit him up on twitter @StarSlingerUK

had to hook you guys up with this…. otherwise it wouldnt be #ICECOLDTHURSDAYS.

shout outs to K Millz. hit him up on twitter. @DjKMillz

heres something for the ratchets….. Ryan Marks(1/2 of  LOUD PVCK) brings it to ya raw with this Chippy Nonstop remix. this track might just get you kicked out of the club. Shout outs to Ryan Marks. Shout outs to Chippy Nonstop.

grab it here
hit him up on twitter… @ryanmarks

shout outs to West Side Schmucks once again and RaceCarBed for finally making a track to transition between 135 and 150.  download that joint and keep it #icey…. good work boys.

DJ HOODCORE and LOLGURLZ comin through with the juice box. im gonna be bumpin this one all week end.

grab it here….

triple cup just put this out today. For those of you that dont know who triple cup is. He’s a trill dude from California. and hes got that codeine swag…. triple cup. triple cup. triple cup. click buy to get the release on band camp for a negotiated price. $$$$

triple cup caught red handed

JD ULTRASLICK..... A.K.A. CLYDE PHILLIPS, RICHIE GWALLA, GUAP ARMSTRONG, or DJ BEAR GRYLLZ.... film maker, producer, artist, and contributor here at trutempo.......... iv been making music since around 2007. been messing with turntables and records since 2006.... my first track was for an English project at school. it was about Lord Of the Flys........ nowadays i rep the #PARTYSHARKSGANG............ big shout out to #YUNGFABRICKSOFTENER, @DRAGONCLAW, and @DJBREAKFASTBLEND and an #RIP to @DJ RHINOCEROS ............ #PARTYSHARK: Someone who crashes a party. Changes the music. Spillz a drank on yo furniture. and gets yo girlfriend pregnant #PARTYSHARKSGANG is basically a multi media crew that pumps out data. originated amongst an elite group of party animals in 2010, party sharks eventually became my soundcloud account and from there the crew was formed. now we all about that rap game life....... rap videos. EP's. chopped and screwed releases and of course the party sharks compilations............................. "PARTY SHARKS: WE TRYIN TO GET SOMETHIN TO EAT"

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